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Fieldflex, a subsidiary of the Diam group, has been delivering merchandising solutions on a global basis for over 20 years. For all your display needs ranging from shelving and cabinets to concession units, podium displays, counters and furniture, you are in safe hands. With our deep understanding of retail networks and our ability to offer bespoke solutions, we are a partner you can trust to assist you in achieving your development goals.



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Logistics is an essential aspect of operations! Managing merchandise, filling shelves, storing products, preparing special orders, shipping and more: we are focused on delivering a quality service at all times. Our people take charge of your equipment as soon as it leaves the factory and dispatch it immediately to your stores, whatever the location and scale of your project.

  • Installation


With more than 120,000 installations a year in specialist stores, supermarkets, superstores and airports, Fieldflex is a leading installer. Shelving, concession units, display counters, furniture, podium displays, cabinets and more: our people operate efficiently and meticulously with all types of retailer across numerous market segments. Over 300 Fieldflex installers will guarantee that your requirements are fulfilled and will dedicate all their expertise to ensure the work done supports your brand image.

  • Maintenance


Got a drawer that sticks, or a faulty cabinet light? Our maintenance teams will be on site in less than 72 hours to fix the problem. Our annual maintenance contracts take into account the wear and tear of your in-store merchandising systems and ensure they remain in perfect condition, guaranteeing compliance with your brand image at all times.

  • Audit


Evaluate the condition of your in-store point of sale tools, assess the real impact they have on customers, or the way the brand is being promoted ; these are all areas in which we can provide you with support enabling you to define effective merchandising policies.

  • Project Management


Our vision of our business is to make life easier for you. A specific person at Fieldflex will be dedicated to your project. They will work with you to ensure that the installation is done efficiently and effectively, with clear communication on progress throughout. From planning the in-store intervention, to organising logistics, installing shelving systems, furniture and communication tools, your project manager will take care of everything! Visit Flexinstore.