With 30 years of experience, Fieldflex has become a leading installation company both locally and globally. We assemble, connect, adjust and fine-tune each piece of your furniture and merchandising elements... throughout Europe & the world, using our network of specialist professionals.

Global & Local

Thanks to our extensive global presence, we are always close to your point of sales, ready to respond to your most urgent needs.

Fieldflex France
4 rue Bernard Palissy, 78440 Gargenville

Fieldflex United Kingdom
Unit 1, Bardon 22, Reg’s Way, Coalville, LE67 1TE

Fieldflex USA
20 Melville Park Rd - Melville, NY 11747

Sleep tight!

Our unique combination of integrated services makes Fieldflex your preferred retail field contact. Whether it's a one-off installation or a global roll-out, we provide all the services you need.

Our core business aim is ensuring your brand image at retail outlets

Project Management

Logistics & Storage

Installation & Updates

Audits & Maintenance

Data & Reporting

Recycling & Circularity

For all your projects

...for one-off projects (flagship, podium, pop up) or more substantial projects (roll out, overhaul, launch)

...whatever your needs (audit, storage, installation or maintenance) to deploy your brand.

With real-time monitoring

... by providing digital reporting tools and appropriate KPIs that allow you to have a real-time view of your shop base.

Strong commitments

... through a committed CSR approach: limiting CO2 emissions due to transport; training and safety of our employees; management of the end of life of your merchandising tools via dismantling and recycling.

We ensure efficiency, speed and adaptability on all distribution networks: mass market, selective, travel retail, etc.

The future of your products

Everything we collect at the point of sale is recycled

We recycle (collection, dismantling, sorting etc.) your POS displays at the end of their life so that nothing is thrown away and the material is sorted and reused for your next campaigns.