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Project manager

The project manager is the link between the customer, retailer, logistics and installers. He is fully aware of his customer's expectations, their POS and their complexity. A true orchestral conductor, he is also flexible enough to deal with unforeseen events, urgent requests, and one-off needs.

His main tasks are to:

  • Communicate with the customer to understand their needs and respond to them as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Plan tasks with installers (installation or removal of furniture, installation of podiums or pop-ups, international update campaign)
  • Organise in-store visits, preparing briefs for field teams and orders for the logistics team
  • Report the results to the customer, via our digital tools for a dedicated follow-up for each store
  • Analyse the results of campaigns, think about improvements, with a constant drive for continuous improvement

The installer is both the Swiss Army knife and the secret weapon of Fieldflex.

Being an early riser, he gets to work before the retail outlets open. As a technician, he moves, assembles and dismantles furniture shelving units. He is meticulous in updating gondolas and placing products in accordance with the plan diagram. As a DIY specialist, he works on damaged furniture to repair it.

His main tasks are to:

  • Install fixed furniture (walls in mass market, and gondolas in selective distribution) or temporary furniture (podium)
  • Update gondolas according to the plan diagram at each of our customers’ launches
  • Repair faulty furniture in-store (changing racks, electrical repairs, adding screens)
  • Inform project managers of the realities on the ground
  • Advise producers on best practices in the design phase to optimise the life cycle of furniture and facilitate its maintenance
Logistics officer

The logistics team is the one with the greatest diversity of roles.

Forklift drivers, order pickers, logistics assistants and managers, and the quality department are all team players who work together with the same goal in mind: adherence to schedules and attention to detail.

His main tasks are to:

  • Receive deliveries by checking the origin and quantities and load trucks with goods
  • Estimate and plan the hundreds of international shipments per month
  • Coordinate requests from project managers and distribute them to teams
  • Prepare orders according to priorities (including picking/kitting)
  • Tidy and organise storage areas to maintain a reliable stock at all times
  • Audit incoming POS displays and prepare the furniture to be installed
HR & support function

The HR and Finance department processes and analyses data from operational departments, in order to assist management in decision-making. In addition, it supports employees in the quality of their performance, in their personal development and in their potential for innovation.

His main tasks are to:

  • Recruit the team of tomorrow, profiles compatible with the company's culture
  • Support employees so that they feel fulfilled in their work
  • Control costs to make the right decisions and manage your business strategy
  • Help to create different synergies within the teams